I love to work with startups who are creating a great impact. I’ve been working with startups for a good amount of time. These are few startups I’ve worked with.

Grain (grain.com.sg)
Grain is an online restaurant that uses data and a tech-enabled distribution network to serve food to customers. Grain has a very good customer base in Singapore and raised SGD 5.9 Million till date.

  • I joined Grain in April 2018 to lead the mobile app development.
  • Upgraded their old mobile apps (iOS and Android) to latest React Native with better navigation and latest React API’s which impacted performance a lot.
  • Redesigned app flows and added a bunch of features (Delivery Tracking, Apple Pay, Push Notifications (with Media support), Deep Linking) in the following months.
  • Also, improved app internally a lot to support large customer base by integrating better crash reporting, better analytics (google analytics, facebook analytics etc), performance marketing and quantitative analysis tools.
  • Leveraged latest React API’s (render props, context API, reusable components) and Redux (custom middlewares, enhancers) to deliver best customer experience. Some implementations are feature flipping, integrated analytics.
  • Wrote a bit of native Objective-C and Java to improve app usage and campaign tracking accuracy.
  • Developed web like deployment cycle with Fastlane, CircleCI and Codepush which helped us ship features and fix bugs seamlessly and on demand.
  • Experimented with Webviews and headless js to ship featrues faster by adopting existing web app code. In fact, we launched a whole subscription feature on mobile which is a webview and can seamlessy communicate with app for payments and user account details.
  • App has an average 4.0+ rating on App Store and Play Store. App ranked as top 50 in Food & Drink category in Apple AppStore.


  • Introduced principles to write better code. Developed an ESLint + Prettier config utility tools, which was used by all engineers to ship quality code.
  • Grain also has an internal app for operations which handles food delivery. Improved this app internal for better accuracy and simple usage.

Other fun stuff at Grain…

  • I ran library to encourage all the colleagues to read more. I reckon, reading is the ultimate meta-skill and can’t be traded for anything else.
  • I initiated monthly tech talks, where one of the engineers gave a quick workshop on the tools and technologies we use at Grain.
  • I also gave a couple of workshops on Javascript and React Native.
  • Explored local tech communities in Singapore, learned and shared my knowledge many times.

Download the apps here.

Go Digital
GoDigital is a Digital Growth Stack for marketers to help local businesses grow 2x faster. I’m doing some good stuff here.

  • Developing a react based design systems which gives business owners freedom to create online presence on web and mobile with their unique branding.
  • Engineered a web solution (static site generator) to build fast loading websites which helps business owners to create their discovery on web channel with modern web standards.
  • Developing a mobile app builder to seamlessly build interactive mobile apps and support continues deployment by giving business owner great advantage in implementing effective engagement strategies.

CarrotID is learn to code platform. I worked with them in the ideation/validation stage.

  • I have built user onboarding flows
  • Developed react and node learning paths for students who uses this platform to learn programming.


Here are the list of applications I developed as software developer and technology consultant.

BView (iOS Link, Android Link)
BView is a enterprise mobility product for a retail (telecom) business to standardise the employee operations in stores and actively manage the employees.

  • I developed mobile app (iOS and Android) using React Native and Redux
  • Also used codepush to deliver OTA updates
  • Contributed to backend team to implement REST API’s using Node.js with MongoDB

Qurioseaty (Android Link)
Qurioseaty is a online food service focused on preparning and delivering high quality hygienic food. This startup raised seed funding and has around 20 physical chain of stores across Hyderabad, India.

  • I developed complete mobile app (Android) using React Native and Redux
  • Also was part of developing web app (Android) using React and Redux
  • Integrated features like Maps, Social Authentication with Facebook and Google, Programmable SMS, Guest User Flows, Authentication with mobile number
  • Contributed to backend team to implement REST API’s using Node.js with MongoDB
  • Reused the business logic and code between React and React Native

RealmWiFi (Startup Link)
Realm WiFi is a WiFi infrastructure for Hyderabad city’s pilot Metro Rail project. Realm WiFi is data as a service platform with afforable instant data packages for its users and this platform provides great reach for hyper local businesses.

  • I developed complete dashboard (responsive web app) to track data consumption and run advertisements using React, Redux.
  • It was a huge app, so used code splitting to decrease bundle sizes.
  • Used Flow.js and ESLint to write maintainable and readable code.
  • Used Jest for testing react components
  • Developed advertising engine to manage and target reach for hyper local businesses
  • Developed backend using Node.js with MongoDB
  • Developed light weight front-end application using plain HTML/CSS/Javascript and jQuery to enable consumer flow on a bare hotspot hardware

Other Projects

I also love tinkering with hardware. When ever I find time, I build small IoT prototypes as a hobby. Here are few of them…