I am a software engineer with expertise and interest in full-stack development. I build mobile and web applications. I love working with startups and experimenting with new technologies.

I’m currently leading mobile development at Grain, a Singapore based food tech startup.

In this software world I’m:

  • Software Engineer at Grain
  • Software Engineer at Fresh Qube Technologies
  • Independent technology consultant (Software development using React and React Native)
  • Mentor at Udacity (React Nano Degree)
  • Ambassador for Auth0

Before software?


My expertise and interest lie in building mobile and web applications.

I develop web applications using front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, React.js) and I build mobile applications using React Native. I develop server-side applications (REST API’s, GraphQL) using back-end technologies like Node.js (Hapi.js)

I Love using tools that bring great productivity into my development. My current tool chain includes ESLint (+ Prettier), Fastlane, Crashlytics, Bugsnag, CircleCI.

Nowadays, I am extensively using React, React Native, Redux, Flow, Jest, and Node.js to build applications. Checkout my portfolio here

Leisure Time

When I’m not hooked to my editor, I enjoy watching Netflix and reading about many different things (follow my reading here). I love traveling to places with great history, culture, and food. Feel free to buy me a beer to listen me talk about history, philosophy, technology, and science.

Checkout my resume here. Reach me at [email protected] to discuss your thoughts and opportunities.